Modern Letters to St. Paul's

A collection of Letters


St. Paul's United Methodist Church

Conroe, Tx.

by Reverend Dr. Henry O. Alloway, Jr.


In six years at St. Pauls, the membership of that church grew from 252 members to 460 members. The church budget grew from $29,000.00 to $96,000.00. Outside of budgeted money, the church sponsored a Christian Witness Broadcast over a local radio station, giving the members of St. Pauls, and other churches the opportunity to talk about the meaning of their faith in Jesus Christ.

These letters were sent to the membership of St. Pauls, and thus, were a real of the growth experienced in that church. The ones selected for use in this book are general in nature and could be used by any church.

The purpose of the letters is to bring inspiration, devotion, dedication, instruction and interest to the reader. St. Paul wrote the letters of the New Testament so they could be read in the church for edification to every believer. It is my sincere hope that these "Modern letters to St. Paul's" can be of use to many individuals and churches across the world.

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Pastor Brian.

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