Everyone enjoys something that they consider to be a lot of fun. The word recreation can be broken down to say re-creation. There is something about real fun that recreates a person, restores their sense of well-being, relaxes their tensions, and gives them a new sense of forward purpose. All of us need to have fun in life.

The summer offers many opportunities to find the relaxation of your choice. I can go to a baseball game and become so involved in the activity that other things that have been burdensome are soon forgotten and my whole body enjoys a new sense of relaxation. Swimming used to provide that sense of relaxation, but now just one dive splashes a lot of the water from the pool! Pitching horseshoes, roller-skating, fishing, horseback riding, a leisurely stroll, golfing, bowling, and many other activities provide a new sense of well being. I believe that God himself likes to see the real relaxation of his children.

During these summer hours and days I hope that you will take the time that you need to be recreated for the fullness of life. God wants you to be happy, prosperous, generous in your attitude toward others, and loving toward all people. You do not have to like people's ways in order to love them, but produce the fruit of love in your own heart as you seek to relate to all people.

Life is short on this earth, even if your name is Methuselah, in comparison with eternity. Whatever time we spend on earth, we need to make the most of it.

During this time of our summer fun, let us not forget our creator. He has done so much for us, including the gift of his Son that enables us to have life both abundant and eternal. To look from a mountaintop and see the vast beauty of God's creation, to rest in the peace and serenity created by the look of a quiet lake, to examine a single flower with the close scrutiny like you see in a hummingbird looking for nectar, to fill your lungs with a deep breath of the unpolluted air of the quiet countryside, these are all things that help us to know that God has indeed blessed us greatly.

So enjoy your summer fun, be recreated by involving yourself in something you really enjoy. Be stabilized by the reality that God really loves you and wants you to be happy, and finally, be inspired by the majestic beauty that God has created for those whose spirits are tuned to enjoy it. God bless you. Have a good summer.

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