The true story about the two orphan boys that came wandering into Father Flanagan's Boy's Town, the smaller one being carried by the larger one, and when asked if the load were not too great, he replied -- "He ain't heavy, Father, he's my brother,” represents the truth that love is the mightiest force in the world. There is not one person in this whole world that does not need to be loved. How can you love someone that doesn't love you. This is never easy, but it can be accomplished. How can you love the unlovely? Again, a super test, but it can be accomplished. How should I respond to the needs of .the world about me?

We saw some needs last week in Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico that were literally appalling. The most vivid were the physical needs of the masses of people in Haiti, but for the Christian observer, the obvious needs to supply the spiritual satisfaction necessary to change the trends of their culture were of greatest importance. A person’s inner nature brings something to bear on what they expect in life. If people come to know themselves to be the children of God, they begin to expect better things to happen.. The need for the good news of Jesus Christ is so great in the world in which we live.

My mission, though, is only as great as I am willing to make it. I'll never run out of people that need a witness, I'll never run out of needs crying for a helping hand. It is possible that I could run out of willingness to go and witness, to go and help, for that factor is dependent upon me.

Many have obviously already given up. Some have closed their eyes to the need, and only see their own selfish pursuits in life. Some of us, perhaps, have grown weary recognizing that needs always exist.

It takes something to want to go. It takes something to want to witness. It takes something to want to help -- and frankly, I don't have it myself, you don't have it yourself -- we don't have it together . . . BUT WE CAN GET IT!

The source of real compassion is Jesus Christ. Jesus says in the New English Bible, Rev. 3:20, "Here I stand knocking at the door; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and sit down to supper with Him and He with me." If I am willing to invite Jesus in, He’ll not only be my guest but He will feed me as well. I will be fed those things that will give me a desire to share with others.

A new convert ran to get her husband. She told him, "I've just found out what my life has needed, come with me, so they can tell you, too. I want you to have what I have received." She didn't know how to tell about it, but she knew it was real.

How heavy is my mission? How deep is my relationship to the one who cares for everyone. The more I care for him, the more I care for everyone else. God wants every need to be met, every soul to be saved, every life to be happy – but how can people hear without a preacher. I can be that preacher (not in a professional sense -- but in a real sense) to the world I meet every day -- if I let Jesus reign as Lord of my life. God bless you -- open your heart fully to Jesus.

See just how exciting life can get for you.

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