Every great church has a small beginning. A few people gather and declare their need to become a representative group in the body of Christ. In most cases, during the formation of a church all of the people get to know one another very well. The pastor is as close a friend as the next door neighbor. The whole church acts together in decisions which are made. Any problem that affects the life of any member of the church affects the whole body.

When a church begins to grow, and certainly they should in any area that is growing, changes begin to take place in the life of a congregation. New faces appear, new ideas begin to evolve, new structures begin to develop, and everyone’s relationship to the church must change. No longer is everyone’s life affected by the pastor in a primary sort of way. Groups and classes begin to form that meet the importance of the primary fellowship. Our voices necessarily begin to blend with others until we feel a greater impact of our message than ever before. The larger we become, the more our message affects the world about us.

This is what is happening at our church. How happy we are for the new people that have come into the church. They bring new ideas, new personalities, new life into our fellowship. They do not discount the beautiful lives of those who have been the very foundation of this church, but together they blend into a fellowship that should affect the life of our community.

We have so many things to do. The kingdom of God must ever be growing, and we have our place in its growth. I thank God for the splendid spirit of cooperation in the hearts of all the people of this church.

With that kind of spirit, we shall see the evolvement of a small church into a great church. Only God knows the full intention for this church. We are to give ourselves to him as fully as possible. The scripture tells us that God adds to the church. Thank God for all of you that God has added. Continue to pray for our fellowship that it shall continually be submissive to the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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