Many people in the New Testament have a testimony recorded about what happened in their lives. One such case is recorded in Luke, Chapter 5:17-26. You can read this out of the Bible. It is given in rather concise form, but suppose that were your story.” -- How could it be told with interest to others in such a way that they would want to know Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord. I’m going to use my imagination a little bit, and tell that same story as though I was that man. Maybe this will help you to write out your story of the imprint of Jesus on your life. (Here is the story)

I was a man who had achieved some success in business. I had a moderate income from many years of working hard. My family was well recognized in the community. Then one day I found that a man had cheated me out of several hundred dollars, and had said some bad things about my character. I became so angry that I might have killed this man had the opportunity come, but I did not see him anymore. What he did does not make that much difference, but how I reacted to what happened began to make a big difference. I literally hated this man for what he had done. People told me that my attitude would not hurt him nearly as much as it would me, but I refused to forgive him.

As the days went into months and then to years my health began to break down until I found myself an invalid with no earthly hope of recovery. I had much time to think and I began to realize the error of my unforgiveness and I really wanted to let this man know that all was forgiven, but my inquiries as to his whereabouts were answered in news of his death. I had hated a man for years and I wanted to forgive him and receive his forgiveness for having hated him so deeply -- but he was gone, what could I do?

I had surrendered to the fact that the rest of my days would be spent as an invalid, but several of my friends began to tell me about a man named Jesus. They told me that he did great and mighty things including the healing of the sick. They even began to talk about taking me to see this man Jesus.

One day four of them came and said to me, “We have just heard that Jesus is only four blocks away, teaching in a large house. He is only passing through so we must hurry.”

They didn’t even give me time to think, they just picked up the small couch on which I was lying, and carried me out into the street and down the road. There was excitement in the air. I didn’t really know what was happening, but I was caught up in it. “What’s happening here?”, I asked myself, but on we went until we saw a crowd down the street. The whole house where Jesus was teaching was full, and many were standing outside. The men carrying my couch tried to get in, but the crowd was too great.

We started to go back home, but one of them said, “No, we must get him to Jesus.” They noticed a walkway leading to the roof. Before I realized what was happening I was on the rooftop and being lowered through the roof, right in front of Jesus.

I shall never forget that moment. I looked up into his eyes expecting him to be upset by this intrusion. I saw instead the deepest compassion I had ever felt. He said, “Son, thy sins be forgiven thee”, and all the hatred I had felt melted away. Indeed I was a new creature.

He was saying some things to people around me about something, but I was lost in the beauty of a new and glorious experience. What peace! What joy! What ecstasy!

And then I saw him look again into my eyes and say, “Pick up your bed and walk.” I didn’t doubt for a moment that I could, I simply stood up, and felt the muscles and the bone take hold, I had strength beyond my strength. Jesus had spoken to me, I responded to his word and I was healed. I thank God for sending his Son Jesus that I could be healed.

(Outline your experience with Jesus, then write out the details about how Jesus touched your life. God bless you. That is your witness.)

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