Pioneer Faith

The early pioneers in American History are examples of the kind of faith that builds a new world. From the wilderness their faith brought forth vast new farm lands, great new cities, and developments that forged a new world of communication and transport at ion. This was not just the endeavor of one person, but many thousands of people who shared the same dream. Together they marched across the plains, the mountains, the valleys. Many fell along the way, the victims of storms, disease, hardship, lawlessness, but they kept moving because of a dream in their heart.

American pioneers are not the only ones who have shared great visions that have lead to new horizons. The Bible is full of stories of men and women and children who have conquered great adversity to give the Christian the greatest heritage on earth. Abraham, Moses, David and many others were simply leaders among people who shared a great dream. A dream cannot reach fulfillment of great effect unless it is shared by many people.

The most notable dream that has continually sought fulfillment was the dream in the heart of the few followers of Jesus Christ, 120 in all, who shared a dream on the day of Pentecost that the name of Jesus Christ should be carried with authority to the whole world. They believed that they could convince people that Jesus was the way, the truth, the life. They gave themselves as real pioneers, unscared by hardship, difficulty, even death. They marched on triumphantly, telling the world in which they lived, the good news about Jesus Christ. They did not by themselves win the whole world, but they won enough with solid dedication that they would keep telling that story until the whole world would hear in a convincing way.

We are still involved in that process of time and effort to win the whole world for Jesus. We have our responsibility to take up our cross and do our part to win the world for him. I thank God that many of our people share the same kind of dream with me.

Your witness is important. God needs you in His kingdom. He needs what you can do, because your witness, your help, your idea, your love, your prayer, your gift can be joined with all the others to help in the building of a better world because of deeper commitment and wider witness to Jesus Christ, Godís answer for all manís needs.

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