If Satan has any plan for the world in which we live, it is to keep people from looking to the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan does not care how religious we are, as long as our religion is not built upon our relationship with Jesus Christ. Satan does not want us to accept Jesus as Saviour, he does not want us to follow Jesus as the Lord of our life. If Satan can get us involved in theological disputes, he can get our eyes off Jesus. If Satan can get us so involved in the cares of this world, he can get our eyes off Jesus. If Satan can cause us to look upon the mistakes of others until they begin to dominate the motivations of our lives, he has taken our eyes off Jesus. If Satan can get us so interested in anything so intently that it commands our basic attention away from Jesus Christ, then he has won the victory that he has desired. There are many things that are not wrong in themselves, but if they succeed in drawing our basic attention away from Jesus they defeat the purpose of God for our lives. What’s wrong with fishing, hunting, golf, baseball, football, swimming, etc.? In themselves they are delightful ways of recreation, but if I am so hooked on anyone of these examples, or countless millions of others, that I cannot turn my attention first of all to Jesus, then I have been defeated at the point of life that is more meaningful than any other.

In our humanity, sometimes we find ourselves entrapped in things that we realize have taken us away from our basic purpose in life. We may not realize that we have been walking away from God’s basic purpose in our life until all of a sudden a crisis appears -- and then we know. Our hearts have been seeking something less than God’s best, and we are “involved in disappointment, despair, disillusionment, despondency. Our joy cannot be renewed in that which is temporal. Peace cannot be based upon that which does not last. When our life is structured around false hopes, half-truths, -- and vain imaginations, only failure can come. This does not mean that you cannot have success in this world, it simply means that even if you succeed in the eyes of this world, and yet lose your own soul, you have failed at the point of life that has more meaning than any other.

“I need Jesus, my need I now confess” is the line of a hymn we sometimes sing. It has a very true meaning for all of us. Whatever success you have in any area of life, the place where you need success is with Jesus Christ. How can I know him? How can I be certain that He cares about me? What does it mean to turn my life over to him? Read John, Chapter 3 and Acts 2:38 and you will know how to find Christ. If you wish to know about God’s care for you, read 1st John and the 4th Chapter. If you want to know about the nature of your life read James, Chapter 4.

Reading the word of God and acting upon what you read is a sure way of following God through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Follow Him and He will lead you to life abundant and eternal.

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