Yolanda's Resurrection

It was a typical, sticky Texas summer afternoon. Held hostage by the heat, I shuffled slowly around the kitchen preparing party treats. Only the energetic squeals and shouts of the kids romping in and around the backyard swimming pool kept me going.

This day, Tuesday, July 12,1994, was a very special birthday of our little twelve year old guest, Yolanda.

Let me tell you more about Yolanda. Along with her ten year old brother, Jonathan, and eight year old sister, Colby, our birthday girl was visiting her mother Kim, who now lives with my family. Kim is a former inmate in Montgomery County (Texas) Jail. As God had done before with other troubled young women, He plucked Kim out of a life of degradation on the streets, and then, later, out of her jail cell. God assigned to me the mission of ministering, mothering and mentoring her in my home. As you will read in a later chapter, this was not my first such assignment of the Lord, but it is, without question the most challenging to date. It would ultimately include the reuniting and restoration of Kim's family, particularly her children. At this time, all parental association for Kim was in brief visits such as this one. She had lost legal custody of her children.

About five PM my friend Barbara, another young woman whom God had prompted me to take into our family some years ago, called me to the pool area to settle some discipline problems. At that same moment, even though I was called to the phone, I felt compelled to go directly to the back yard. Kim followed.

That was when I first saw Yolanda lying on her back in the grass. Her wet red bathing suit glistened in the late afternoon sun. I remember thinking, "What is going on here? What is Yolanda trying to pull?"

I looked at Colby, who was standing in the pool a few feet from Yolanda. She seemed stunned. I could hear the boys' voices coming from the other side of a hedge which separates our yard from an adjoining golf course.

I walked toward Yolanda, who was lying at the end of our deck, partially obscured by a barbecue pit. To my horror, I saw a short metal post lying across her upper left arm and chest. Electric sparks crackled and jagged streaks of fire shot from the pole. "Yolanda, Yolanda!" I called her name several times as I realized what was happening. She began to convulse and became rigid. Before my eyes, I saw this normally golden skinned child's body turn from a bright red to a pallid bluish color. She appeared lifeless.

At the same time Kim saw Yolanda and started screaming, "0 my God, my baby, my baby." In one leap, she yanked the child from underneath the pole. Later a Utility Company's investigative team determined that three breakers must have blown at that moment preventing Kim from experiencing even a shock. However, it was all happening so fast that we had no understanding of the miraculous sequence of events.

As I knelt in the wet grass beside the motionless child I felt for vital signs. Yolanda had no detectable heartbeat or pulse and she was not breathing. A foamy white substance trickled from the corners of her blue tinged lips. Panic gripped Kim who ran frantically in circles around us. But God's unexplainable peace had already settled into my spirit, guarding my heart and mind.

Directed by the Holy Spirit, I laid my hand upon Yolanda's chest, took her hand and began to pray. Knowing I was to take authority, I loudly spoke forth the command,

"Spirit of death, in the name of Jesus, release this child!" I continued, "Lord, please send resurrection life back into this little body, and I command all trauma and damage* to be reversed in the name of Jesus."

By this time, my forceful prayer commands, along with the screams and crying of the all the children attracted four curious golfers who were on the 7th tee box of the near-by course. Without my knowledge, they had walked over to see what was going on.

Barbara had already called 911, and on her return she yelled at the crying and screaming kids, "Stop that noise and PRAY!" Without a whimper they obeyed. I could hear Barbara praying in the spirit and I recall hearing her say, "Yolanda, you are not leaving us. In the Name of Jesus, you will not be stolen away from us."

By then I felt the Lord's release, and heard that gentle, familiar Voice whisper, "It is done." With that, I looked up and found myself staring into the faces of the four bewildered golfers. They evidently had stood silently looking on, not sure of what they were witnessing. There was no visible outward change in Polandís appearance at that moment. Her little body looked lifeless, but I kept my hand on her chest and could feel a stirring of life. Finally, one of the men spoke up. I could sense his desperate concern as he asked, "Did you administer CPR?"

With a prevailing, uncharacteristic calm spirit I answered, "No, I was directed only to pray." As I said this, Yolanda's eyes rolled forward, I felt her heart beating again, and she gasped for a breath. I'm not sure how many minutes had passed. The golfers, shaking their heads, returned to the course, as someone carried the little girl's unresisting body into the house. Later, looking back on all this, I have wondered about those obviously confused golfers. Did they simply take up where they were and continue on through their game, or did they head for the clubhouse to discuss the things they had just seen? Now, I chuckle as I think back on this brief, somewhat bizarre episode that occurred in the midst of such a mighty move of God.

Yolanda's miraculous resurrection was further validated when the paramedics arrived. Advised of the circumstances, they examined her, but could only find one burn mark on her upper left arm. In total disbelief, they said they could find no medical reason for taking Yolanda to the hospital. However, they did recommend that we keep her under close observation for possible internal injuries, or even brain damage.

Yolanda's only immediate reaction to the event, beyond that of confusion was bodily weakness. She was content just to lie quietly as everyone else stewed around her.

When the utility company was notified the next day, two men were sent to investigate. Briefly surveying the situation, the two called for a back-up team. Five more electricians arrived. All any of them could say was, "It was a miracle!" Those wires that were burning as they hit Yolanda's wet body included not only a 110 volt line supplying energy for the pool lights, but an additional 220 volt that served the pool pump. The pump and three breakers were burned. A spokesman for the utility company team said, "By all electrical standards both the child and her mother should be dead from such a jolt, or at least critically burned." Over and over, the men solemnly shook their heads and one after another kept saying that we just did not realize what a blessing God had given us.

And to some extent, that was true. It would take us days and weeks to realize the full impact of the event. With every telling, we are reminded of the mighty works of God. While the resurrection of Yolanda was obviously the most important and immediate outcome of this unusual incident, the eternal significance of such a miracle continues to unravel.

First, I recalled that on the morning of the birthday party I had overheard Yolanda and Colby talking about their dreams the night before. They were both excited that each had dreamed the same thing. I asked Yolanda to explain. Wide-eyed she said, "Grandma Ginny, Colby and I both dreamed that snakes were chasing us. It was scary." Little Colby shuddered as she listened, nodding in agreement.

I took that opportunity to explain, " It is important to know that God sometimes uses our dreams to warn us of possible danger of satanic attack." Then the girls and I prayed for God's intervention. Later in the day, during our church intercessor's team meeting just before the party, Kim felt led to pray protection over both of her daughters.

The next day after the incident, I asked Yolanda if she remembered anything of what had happened to her. Somewhat hesitantly, she began telling me her account. She recalled, "I was floating upward until I came to a place of seeing Jesus with some people standing around Him." Puzzled she added, "I kept looking at his beautiful feet, and then I looked up and saw that he was wearing a robe and had white hair. Grandma Ginny, does Jesus have white hair?"

I showed her the verses in the Bible that described Jesus' beautiful feet (Isaiah 52:7) and His white hair, (Revelation 1:14). That brought a smile to her little lips.

Continuing with a bit more confidence, she shared, "I asked Jesus if I was going to die." She said He answered her, "No, little one, you are not going to die. You are going to live!" That was followed by a vision of her mother Kim crying over her and Jesus said, "I want you to see how much your mother loves you."

This brought me to tears because Yolanda had told Kim a few days earlier that she did not believe her mother loved her. She expressed her feelings that in those earlier years of upheaval in their lives Kim spent more time with Colby than with her.

In this young girl's account, I was reminded of how much God loves and cares about his children. How precious of Him to give little Yolanda this assurance of her mother's love. Even out of the horror of that afternoon, she could not have had a more wonderful birthday gift.

Yolanda's concluding recollection of her meeting with Jesus was that of his smile as He tenderly kissed her cheek, and the next thing she knew she was hearing me call her name.

Naturally, this whole miraculous event would be rehashed for days and weeks. With every telling there were additional details recalled. For my part, I was particularly grateful for the instantaneous peace of God that prevailed in my spirit. It was amazing, and yet, why should I be so amazed? While Yolanda's miraculous resurrection was instantaneous, I can tell you that God's training and testing, and the enemy's onslaughts through the years have certainly not been instantaneous. How many times and how many years and how many experiences of God has it taken to bring me to this place of authority? This spiritual journey with all its peaks and valleys is what I am directed to share with you. Come along with me.

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